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(Introduction-2nd Solo Ex) Nanography - Park, Hye-Sung Curater 1868



Park, Hye-Sung Curater


A block of concrete falls, forming a thick cloud of dust around it. The concrete cracks and amongst white smoke, is left in smithereens. Again, the smaller pieces crumble like grains of sand. Could they become smaller? Nothing is impossible; good. Concrete, this building, this city, the space I live in: I want to see the smallest unit that composes all the elements around me. By magnifying it and getting closer to it, I want to see the "truth" inside these grains that are smaller than a grain of sand. At last, that picture is presented to me and you. After being absorbed in my own thoughts, I gaze at the places in my everyday life. The tree outside the window, quite a large tree, sways in the wind. What was that that we just witnessed?

With the advances in technology, we are able to see a micro-world at the nano-scale, a world that was invisible to the naked eye. By controlling elements at the atomic level, a new possibility has opened. However, in this world, in our everyday affairs, we are not conscious of these ultra-fine particles. Maybe their existence in our lives ceases to be yet another visual image.

Through & Ji questions the act of "seeing" itself and pierces our visual stereotypes formed through this very act. Can we trust ourselves in what we see and what is being seen? This will be a chance to turn over our visual habits that was without doubt and believed everything in our everyday routines. This is the reason you should take a close "look" at &.