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Nanography - Artist note 1805

My Work – The Appearances of a New Ghost

Solo Exhibition : 2009. 12 Galerie BHAK


' Nanography' is a term that I have coined, which is a combination of "nano" and "photography". "Nano", or one millionth of a meter, represents the microscopic world while "photography" depicts the narration of light. In other words, nanography manifests the microscopic world revealed through an electronic microscope as an art of Photography.

This work is not the digital composition between the structures of everyday life and the chemical structures found in the microworld. I capture one moment in time, during which I used a projector to project the image I wanted to capture.

The nature of the images on walls and pillars are actually chemical materials on a nano particle. I observed that, when shot by an electronic beam, the forms of nano particles evolve into trees, broadleaves, ferns, corals, and agar. From these images of nano particles, I pictured trees and forests. Then, I observed trees and forests in the real world. What is the actual nature of the object that I am seeing at the moment? What is "seeing", really?

There is a photograph. In it, the window defines a boundary between the nano world and the real world. Inside the boundary, the trees obtained from the microscope are calm. On the outside, the real trees are shaking from strong winds.

I realized the absence of absoluteness through the act of seeing nano particles in the form of trees and actual trees. What is even more extraordinary is that the components of "nano-trees", which are hydrogen, carbon, oxygen, and silicon, are also essential components of everyday structures such as walls, pillars, windows, and glass.

Through this work I began to explore the meaning of existence and am still on the journey to find what is "real" between the visible macro-world and invisible micro-world.